Why Study Interior Design Online?

The digital age has transformed traditional educational systems, making online learning an accessible and appealing option. The Interior Design Institute is at the forefront of this transformation, enabling budding interior designers to study interior design online. This article will delve into the numerous advantages of online learning over traditional classroom settings, ushering you into a world of tailored, cost-effective, and globally connected learning experiences.

Recognizing that every student embarks on a unique educational journey, The Interior Design Institute offers extension options for each course, guaranteeing you enough space and time to deeply comprehend each concept at hand.

With options to extend by 3, 6, or 12 months, or the opportunity to enhance your learning through an advanced module that comes with an additional 6 months, you can create a learning schedule that seamlessly integrates with your personal and professional life. This flexibility in learning timelines not only enriches your learning experience but ensures a harmonious balance with the natural rhythms of your life.

Accessibility and Convenience

The Interior Design Institute offers an education that adapts to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Here, learning is unbounded by geographical constraints, meaning that you can save on substantial costs and avoid the hassle associated with relocation, letting you pursue your passion from anywhere in the world.

  • No Geographic Boundaries: Online learning can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Whether you're in a capital city or a small town, you have equal access to the same quality of education.
  • Easily Accessible Resources: All your study materials, videos, and assignments are available online. Say goodbye to heavy backpacks filled with textbooks. All your course materials are a click away.
  • 24/7 Availability: With 24/7 access to our extensive repository of course materials, you have the freedom to learn at any hour that suits you, adapting your study schedule to your natural rhythms rather than adhering to a rigid timetable. Feel like studying at midnight? Our online platform is always up and running.

Moreover, our self-paced modules grant you the privilege of tailoring your learning experience to your needs, allowing you to progress at a pace that respects your other commitments without sacrificing depth of understanding. This balance of convenience and personalised pace ensures a learning environment that values your individual journey, helping you foster a deeper connection to the rich world of interior design.

Personalized Learning Experience

At The Interior Design Institute, our course is designed to offer not just education, but a tailored learning experience that resonates with your individual needs and preferences. Through a rich system of individualized feedback and support, each student is given the attention and guidance needed to thrive. The paths here are not rigid; they are customizable to suit different learning curves, encouraging a deeper understanding and fostering personal growth in the field.

  • Tailored Content: Some online platforms offer adaptive learning technologies that tailor the course to your learning style. Our platform monitors your progress and recommends specific modules or resources to strengthen your skills.
  • Direct Interaction with Instructors: Online forums and workshops offer a direct line to your instructors. Our instructors are available 24/7 to help clarify any doubts you might have.
  • Customizable Learning Paths: Choose Advanced Modules or specializations that interest you. Want to focus more on kitchen and bathroom design? Select it as an Advanced Module.

Complementing this personalized approach are mentorship and coaching opportunities, where experienced professionals guide you closely in your journey. This focused approach facilitates not just knowledge transfer but offers nurtured guidance, allowing you to become a professional with insights and skills that stand out in the competitive landscape of interior design. It's more than a course — it's a journey meticulously crafted to hone your unique strengths and potentials, setting you up for success in the vibrant world of interior design.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the feedback we’ve received from past and present students and their tailored learning experience:

“My design tutor, Marieke Rijksen from @whisperingbold, was very professional and was very constructive in giving prompt and detailed feedback on my assignments which shaped me to be the person I am today as a designer professionally. She was very eager to help and was genuinely interested in sharing her expertise with me, which was one of the motivating factors that kept me going till I finished my course.”
Eleena Makey @el_homedesigns

“Having my own tutor available to answer questions at any time has been terrific, and the feedback I've received on my assignments has been so thorough and encouraging that I am always inspired to keep going and do more. I would not hesitate to recommend this course, and cannot wait to see where it will take me in my interior design journey.”
Lucy C.

“I can’t say more great things about my tutor, who’s been my source of inspiration throughout! I recommend this course to anyone looking for sharpening their design skills or those who dream of being an amazing designer!”

“The thing that stands out most for me is the patience of my tutor and the student support with my many questions and the thorough and practical feedback I got from each assignment.”

“The feedback I receive from the company and tutor assigned to me, is usually very quick and often outside working hours. Feedback is constructive and facilitates the thinking and application of design theory and practise to the course work.”

“My tutor is always on hand to offer support and she provides feedback that helps me to refine my skills. The FB group of students provide support and encouragement, which adds to the overall experience.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this course and cannot praise it more highly. My personal tutor has answered my questions quickly and given me great feedback on the assignments I have submitted. I tried studying with a different online interior design school and hated it. I have enjoyed this course so much, and cannot believe it is nearly over.”
Lynda Gray

Cost-Effective Online Learning

Amongst the benefits of online courses, online education also significantly reduces the financial strains associated with conventional higher education, without compromising the quality of education. Furthermore, with a range of scholarship and financial aid opportunities available, The Interior Design Institute ensures quality education is accessible to all.

  • Lower Tuition Fees: Our online interior design course fees often cost less than traditional university courses. Save thousands of dollars on tuition fees by opting for our online courses.
  • No Commuting Costs: Save both time and money that would otherwise be spent on commuting. The money saved on vehicle costs or public transport can be invested in additional courses or resources.
  • Minimal Additional Costs: Most resources are available online, reducing the need for textbooks or other materials. Our course fees often include all required materials, accessible through our online portal.

Networking Opportunities

The Interior Design Institute is more than just an educational institute; it’s a vibrant community of learners, educators, and industry professionals from across the globe. Our courses open doors to a world brimming with networking opportunities through online forums, webinars, and virtual events. Here, learners can connect with peers and professionals, laying the foundation for collaborations that could shape the future of interior design.

  • Global Network: Connect with students and professionals from around the world. Our online forums and social media groups offer opportunities to collaborate on international projects.
  • Industry Connections: Online courses often feature guest lectures from industry leaders. Our webinar series features accomplished interior designers who provide insider tips and advice.
  • Alumni Network: Gain access to a strong network of alumni who can help with job placements. Our alumni have gone on to work for top design firms and often post job openings in our exclusive alumni network.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Stay a cut above the rest with our industry-relevant curriculum, constantly updated to keep pace with the latest trends and technologies. Gain practical insights through partnerships with industry giants and arm yourself with skills that are in high demand in the contemporary interior design landscape.

  • Up-to-Date Content: Online courses can be updated more frequently to keep up with industry trends. Our curriculum is regularly updated to include the latest trends in interior design, such as virtual staging.
  • Practical Assignments: Real-world assignments that simulate actual job tasks. Work on designing virtual spaces using state-of-the-art design software.
  • Industry Partnerships: Online schools such as The Interior Design Institute often partner with industry organizations for course development. We've partnered with several design software companies to provide you with free or discounted software tools used in the industry. Some of our partnerships include:
    • Style Sourcebook
    • Backdrop Paint
    • Houzz Pro
    • Pink Ribbon Foundation
    • Artifex Interiors
    • Nood Co
    • Blissful Little Home
    • Interior Designers Hub
    • The Design Cure
    • Bedfolk
    • Sampleboard
    • DesignFiles
    • Life Interiors
    • Hafele

Success Stories that Inspire


"It has been a rewarding experience studying with IDI, having left my role in the industry after 25 years! The course is clear and easy to follow, full of insightful information and leaves you feeling prepped and ready for the industry. Extremely helpful to have a tutor there to guide you, and there is friendly support from the Facebook group so you don't feel like you are taking the journey alone!"

Clare Winspear


Our graduate, Anna Colussi, specializes in Nouvelle Traditional style, skillfully blending classic beauty with a modern touch, while infusing her clients' personalities and stories into each unique design scheme. Swipe on this post to see the stunning before and after transformations of her completed bathroom renovation project and explore more of her impressive portfolio at annaspirations.com.au. Curious to hear Anna's thoughts on our course?

"This course has been a lifesaver during lockdown and an essential part of my first client project: showing me how to break down the design process step by step from spatial planning, to electrical plans, from color selections to textile finishes, from presenting ideas to charging. Not only has there been a wealth of practical knowledge, but also confidence-building assignments and tutor feedback providing direction and positivity. There were lots of nuggets of information from @darrenpalmerofficial too, which I confidently applied to my client project, giving me a little extra know-how from the beginning of my career in design."

We can't wait to see what Anna does next!

Anna Colussi


Meet current #IDIstudent Rosanna Pieper from @playa_interiors. With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Rosanna has conquered the world of management, showcasing her talent as a regional manager. But beyond the world of fashion, Rosanna's heart lies in interior design. With her passion for transformation, she has personally renovated three homes in the past decade, witnessing the magic of turning spaces into beautiful sanctuaries. Now, she's embarking on a new chapter, fueled by determination and knowledge. Rosanna is ready to share all the goodness she has gathered throughout her years of management, combined with her newfound skills from our course, to help people achieve their dream homes.

Rosanna Pieper

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