Sydney Brown


This interior design course has been everything I could have wanted for my future in interior design. It has equipped me with the skills I need to move forward in this field with confidence. It was informative and hands-on all at the same time. The Advanced Modules available are also amazing as they have given me opportunities even after completing the course to further my skillsets that place me above other candidates in job settings.

I believe this course has prepared me better for a career in interior design more than anything I could have done with my time. I am so grateful for it and would truly recommend it to anyone who wants to further their knowledge, skillsets, and talent in this field.


Allison A Ruda


I would highly recommend IDI to anyone looking to learn about interior design. This course provides excellent foundational knowledge for anyone looking to start a career in interior design, and I am so glad that I found it.

IDI provides a framework for all the basics you need to know about interior design. The material thoughtfully builds on itself and I really appreciated that I could take the course at my own pace.

If I hadn't taken the small leap to join IDI, who knows if I would have had the confidence to start my own interior design company. I'm really grateful for the knowledge I've gained through this course, and this is only the beginning!



Zachary Thompson

Lausanne, Switzerland

The Interior Design Institute is a great starting point to gain in-depth knowledge about the interior design industry.

Working through each module gives you the opportunity to get some hands-on experience and to learn design techniques that are vital to becoming a successful interior designer.

Personally, the idea of starting an interior design business felt daunting, but about halfway through the course, I began to grasp how to make the first steps to launch my own interior design career.

If you are interested in interior design but unsure of where to begin, then I highly recommend the Interior Design Institute.



Corine Essama


After moving to the US, I decided to get my diploma in interior design through IDI.

I did not know what to expect when I registered for this course, though it was a dream come true. I enjoyed the lessons and how detailed and informative they were. My tutor, Wendi, was always available and resourceful.

I've now launched my own business, Corine Phillips Interiors, where I offer interior design services, along with virtual design, home staging, and home organizing.


Lisa VanderHoek


This course was just what I needed after deciding to quit my public accounting job. I love that you can take your time with the course and finish when it works best for you. I also really liked that the assignments were comprehensive and mimicked a real-life project.

I would highly recommend the course for anyone looking to get started in interior design.



Morgan Ovens

San Francisco

I chose to enroll with IDI because I wanted to grow my technical skills and confidence as an interior designer. This course gave a great overview of designing a large home renovation from start to finish.

The course included many extra modules I didn't expect like one on the history of architecture, how to create an electrical floor plan physically and electronically and how to sketch a three-dimensional drawing. I finished this course in just under a year and have learned a lot that I've already been able to put into practice with my current clients.

This is a great online course and I appreciated the flexibility of being able to study at my own pace.



Emily Peterson


After a lot of research, trying to find the best online interior design course I found that IDI was the most credible and many grads went on to be very successful. So I signed up and I’m so glad I did! Each module packed so much valuable information and the assignments did a great job of putting that information into practice.

My tutor, Wendi, did such a thorough job grading and giving me constructive feedback. I am very grateful for her and for the entire IDI course. If you’re researching courses right now, I promise that IDI is the best!


Andrew Scherr

New Jersey

Thank you for the key to my passion. I have always had an interest in renovating and organizing apartments, but never gave the interior design business a thought until I found myself watching HGTV every night and on weekends.

Interior design is far from my current career within the IT industry, but then again with a little creativity I can combine these industries and become a home office and/or home entertainment designer.

As with most people, time is money but when it comes to studying, the quality of the program is of the essence. Researching on the Internet I discovered that the Interior Design Institute had it all!

As I went through the online course my motivation kept growing and so did my passion. This course brings enough knowledge to those people who just want to be creative when re-designing their personal or friend’s residential space and it forms the foundation for people who want to continue the study to become a professional interior designer.

Thanks to the new tools and guidance provided by my tutor I can now take notice of many more details when I enter a room. It has also enabled me to become courageous with color schemes and explore my creativity when family and friends ask for advice. The fact that they ask for my recommendation indicate that I have already come far by taking this course.

Eventually I want to start my own business. For now I intend to further my studies and find new ways to broaden my experience within this area. All in all this online course is a great opportunity for anyone who want to explore the interior design world.

Karina Grose

Silver Spring

In one year, I started my design business while simultaneously working on my courses with The Interior Design Institute.

The material really became helpful, ESPECIALLY when I started my 1st home renovation. I often found myself referencing past modules to help when I had general design questions.

The curriculum covers all aspects of design and also gives great advice and tips for when you’re ready to venture out into the world of design. I’m even considering this course as a requirement for my assistants.

Thanks IDI!



Venus V. V. Berríos Pagán

New Jersey

I am a former celebrity hair dresser and makeup artist for around 10 years. I have always had a passion for interior design. I always dreamed one day of fulfilling my dream and working in Hospitality, Commercial and Residential Design.

I originally found The Interior Design Institute through online research and Instagram. The Interior Design Institute has the most REAL People reviews, and also a great turnout of current Interior Designers/Stylists that have studied with The Interior Design Institute, and now have their own businesses. And for me, that was HUGE! I mean! If they can do it, that means I can do it too!!

In the first couple of months, I found myself gaining the confidence I needed to start building my own brand and to start visualizing myself fulfilling my dream, by applying everything that I was learning through The Interior Design Institute.

Now I am happy to say that after 11 months of studying with The Interior Design Institute, I have built my own small business based in Interior Design, Styling, and Staging of Hospitality, Commercial and Residential spaces!! I work for my own and also other companies throughout the USA.

I am an Administrative Assistant for an Interior Design firm, where I perform tasks like; managing a business, to sourcing products, staging homes, building floor plans, etc. (all of which I learned during this course) and I am also an Interior Stylist for Air BnB properties, all while managing my own business and family!! The Interior Design Institute gives you all of the necessary tools and materials, so that you are capable of managing your own business and then more. From Space Planning, to the importance and knowledge of building a floor plan, to choosing the right color schemes, the appropriate fabrics, the importance of lighting, how to communicate effectively with clients, building mood boards, product boards, and building my own website, etc. It is incredible!! Not to mention, they have a Facebook support page, Instagram community, and the tutors are always there with you through the process! I have to say that I have referred at least 10 people to go after their dreams with The Interior Design Institute! I look forward to furthering my education with The Interior Design Institute!

Thanks to The Interior Design Institute and my tutor for all of your constant support and encouragement!

Anabel Newell

North Salt Lake

After many years of debating to start a career in interior design, I took the plunge. Deciding on an online course was my first daunting task but after looking at a few options I went with The Interior Design Institute. I am so glad I did!I have loved the very complete modules, I have felt inspired by the many wonderful visual aids.

The assignments, while challenging, has helped prepare me for the real world. On top of that, my tutor has offered incredible feedback at every turn, allowing me to improve and gain the confidence I needed to design professionally. I am looking forward to taking additional modules that will help me specialize even more in the specific areas that I want to focus on.

Overall I am very pleased and definitely, recommend this to anyone looking for a well rounded knowledge-based course.


Beth Lin Silverstein


Stimulating. Challenging. Rewarding.

Three small but dynamic words best describe The Interior Design Institute's 12-module course.

This well thought-out, logically-presented series provides any self-motivated student a wealth of resources, information, and guidance to educate themselves (via online interaction) in the exciting field of Interior Design. From early Architecture, to business plans, and all the pertinent aspects essential to the world of interior design, this course successfully wraps four years of study into one intensive year.

All life is comprised of design - light, pattern, texture, color, form. During the course of this study, I began to look at things differently, to study things with an educated eye. My excitement continued to build in each module as I learned more.... and the 'sleeping giant' of my creativity slowly but surely awakened. My personal tutor was my gift, my guiding light. After course submissions, I waited for each review like a child at the candy store... but only for an instant. Positive reinforcements were her opening remarks in every module, followed by comments and helpful suggestions. It fuelled my fire. I dove into each module with unbridled enthusiasm.

While studying, I was also presented with several design and redesign opportunities. Downsizing homes into smaller apartments, re-purposing "empty-nester" rooms, redesigning master suites and bathrooms, and designing a series of professional offices... with more projects waiting in the wings, I have been able to successfully use the tools I learned during the course.

Knowledge breeds confidence. Both as important as the 'nuts and bolts' of the trade are to imagining, creating, designing, and ultimately delivering the space your clients hoped for. The Interior Design Institute guides, supports, and provides those tools to those wanting to expand their horizons.

The world is pure design in the ultimate form. If we but open our eyes to really see, we are all designers just waiting to be. Thank you The Interior Design Institute for opening my eyes!

Abby Rutman


Making the decision to sign up for the Interior Design Institute was by far the best decision I have ever made. After months of hesitation, going to the website, but not going through with the enrollment, I finally pushed that doubting voice inside my head to way back, and enrolled last April.

Six months later I'm a graduate.

I had the best tutor that not only gave me constructive criticism, guidance, and support, but, she also offered lessons from her own experience, books that she had read, and real life situations. Even though we never met, I feel like I really got to know her.

If you also have that doubting voice in your head, I strongly suggest you tell it to take a back seat, because you're about to start something amazing for yourself. Thank you IDI! I truly loved this experience.



Titilayo Olu-Joshua


Wow! Finally, I am done! It took me longer than the designated time, however, it is a self-paced programme, and with the flexible extension options, I was able to complete this program!

I had a great time learning all my modules and my tutor was such a great tutor.

During the course, I registered and started up my interior design business, and have been applying everything I have learnt in my modules and from my tutor into my business, especially working with clients.

As I speak,I am currently handling 3 big projects that started from kids interiors to big residential spaces. I want to say to the entire team of The Interior Design Institute, that you all are doing a great job. A BIG THANK YOU!

Makenna Bryer

Lincoln, NE

IDI has given me the confidence and jump-start I needed to start my own interior design business! Not only was the program thorough, but it also gives you the skills needed for success in this business.

After completing the course, I then took an entrance exam to become a member of the C.I.D., which means that I am now a certified interior decorator! I am excited to start this new journey in design that I’ve always had a passion for!


Meredith Mahan


The Interior Design Institute taught me so much! Not only do the modules teach you everything there is to know about Interior Design, it goes a step further and teaches you about the business aspect of the field.

Interior Design has always been a passion of mine. The Interior Design Institute was exactly what I needed to pursue my dream. I am now an owner of my very own Interior Design Studio! I already have three clients lined up that I am beginning to work with.

After hearing about my great experience with The Interior Design Institute, friends and family of mine are now taking it upon themselves to start the course! I found all of the modules to be very fulfilling and interesting.

I would complete one assignment, and right away move on to the next. I was so eager to read and learn more about Interior Design. My tutor was very helpful as well. She was constantly providing me with amazing feedback on all of my assignments submitted. If I had any questions at all about the modules I was able to contact student support at any hour of the day or night!

I also found the course to be extremely convenient. I would wake up in the morning, grab a glass of orange juice, and sit down with my laptop and learn about Interior Design!

I started out with very little knowledge in Interior Design and came out as a business owner holding a Diploma. The completion of the 12 modules was very liberating to say the least. My experience with The Interior Design Institute was truly rewarding!

Dana Tepp

Johns County

I turned 50 this year, so at this point in life, I needed an educational option that was practical and flexible.

The Interior Design Institute was just what I was looking for. I missed my calling in life, and being a designer is what I should have been doing for the last 30 years. But switching careers at this stage seemed daunting. Going back to university for another four-year degree was not an option. When I found IDI online, I was thrilled. I could work at home on the course with the flexibility I needed as a busy single mother.

What I loved about the course is that it taught me the essentials I needed to start my own design business. It was ideal in giving me the tools and knowledge I needed, without weighing me down with nonessential information. There were plenty of additional resources given to explore any subjects further.

What I really appreciated also was the fact that I could use whatever software I chose on my own to complete the projects. I invested in an Ipad Pro, so I really enjoyed discovering apps that suited me perfectly. The course offered what I needed most: flexibility! I realized how much more I still need to learn, but I feel like I have the necessary skill set to start my business. And it didn't take me four years!

My tutor was very helpful, insightful, and encouraging. I also appreciated the grading system, because it alleviated the stress of a 4.0 grading scale. The Modules were visual and well thought through.

I have recommended IDI to others, as I believe it is an exceptional program on so many levels!

Charlene Schuster-Knox


I truly loved every minute of this course. I thought the material was very well put together and covered nearly every element of design one might need to know before striking out on their own. I felt the modules were challenging yet easy for the novice to work through. By module seven I had my first project, by module ten I felt confident enough to post my web site and by module twelve I had my second, even bigger, home interior assignment.

My tutor provided great feedback and I learned even more after submitting each assignment. At the same time, my tutor also provided me with the encouragement that I needed to continue through all twelve modules. This is so important when you’re learning online. In addition, the Student Support Team provided a 5-star student service, answering questions and always being so supportive. What was so wonderful was that I even learned business methods for ensuring exactly how to approach the customer and put a project plan together.

My favorite “AHA” moment during the course was gaining the knowledge that elements of design don’t have to be expensive. With all the creative things I studied during this course the word “thrift” became fashionable and inspiring. Cleverly created retro, classic, contemporary, traditional and eclectic interiors can be created on an owner’s budget thanks to such imaginative ideas and effective techniques learned at The Interior Design Institute.

I would absolutely recommend The Interior Design Institute to anyone who is interested in design either as a new career, additional learning to an existing design career or to anyone who wants to learn more and have fun with design.

Rosana Strolia


My passion for Interior Design goes beyond words.

I've been contemplating taking a course on Interior Design for a very long time, but the courses I looked into were way above my budget and my time was very limited. Then I came across The Interior Design Institute while searching for an online course. Taking this course was absolutely the best decision for me. Time is still not on my side since I started the course when my baby had just turned one year old. So being a mom of a young child and a full time flight attendant for a major airline, I am extremely busy. However the program at The Interior Design Institute is so flexible and organized that I was able to fit my school responsibilities into my personal life beautifully. I studied while my baby napped and also brought my computer and study materials to work, so I could study on my layovers. At the end of the course I went through all the modules I studied and found to be unbelievable the amount of information and knowledge I acquired along the way.

Throughout the course my tutor provided me with invaluable feedback, and words of encouragement that really kept me going. I won't ever look at a room or the world the same again. Now I understand the concept of design, I learned how to combine colors for the best visual outcome, learned about textiles, lighting, architecture and much more. I can now put the pieces of the puzzle together with confidence. For my delight my sister in Los Angeles wants me to renovate her living room. I'm eager to start the project. Studying at The Interior Design Institute was challenging, fun and an amazing experience. Now when I read and study my Interior Design magazines subscriptions and of course watch my favorite channel HGTV, my opinions are educated, I can evaluate my design tastes based on knowledge. I just want to thank all of you who put this wonderful program together at an accessible cost, so everyone who has aspiration for interior design can benefit from it.

This course is the beginning of a wonderful journey I have ahead of me.

Tany Soussana


Once I decided to seriously pursue a career in Interior Design, I searched high and low for the best possible online Interior Design School that would serve my ‘big picture’ goals, while also facilitating my schedule. Upon spending countless long-hour days scouring the internet for all things ‘Interior Design School,’ I had the good fortune of finally finding my perfect match – The Interior Design Institute! Even at the infancy stage of enrolling in the course, I knew I had found the right school. Now, fast forward, having completed the work and making it to graduation, I am proud to say my hunch – from the beginning, to now – was spot on!

Between my empowering and super awesome tutor, and the terrific staff, I am grateful for the educational experience The Interior Design Institute has provided me – just nothing short of an exciting and perpetually creative process! My tutor had such a nurturing and supportive approach where she would ‘turn the knob,’ just so, to reflect a certain helpful point and much to my benefit on each assignment. From completing the first module, to working my way to the very last, while it took nothing less than diligence and hard work taking on the challenge of each assignment, I am happy in the end this arduous effort has paid off – making me today a stronger designer. With top earned scores and successfully making it to graduation, I am so glad I invested the time, the discipline, and the energy into this most vital ‘interior design’ educational journey – all truly worth it to me!

Thanks to The Interior Design Institute I now have a rich, even deeper level of appreciation and understanding for great design and architecture. Today, everywhere I look, I find inspiration all around me. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is seriously looking to take their designer passion and talent to the next level – The Interior Design Institute will certainly get you there. You will learn, as I certainly have, that no longer will you have to limit yourself to only being a HGTV ‘designer wannabe’… and actually, BE A DESIGNER!

Zania Sala


Interior design, decorating and styling are hobbies of mine that I have always enjoyed and never fully developed. I decided to enroll at the Interior Design Institute at a point in my life when I knew I was going to be able to dedicate some time to the education of this art. With that I enrolled, with an open mind.

I didn’t plan on opening a business or applying to any design or architecture firm. Instead, this was my attempt at achieving an education for my very own personal enrichment. What I got in return was much more than just that. I gained self confidence in the field and I discovered that I had talent, style and taste that flowed harmoniously with today’s demands on design. I found that I wasn’t only interested in the different modules but I was fully engaged and challenged. I finished the course wanting to know more.

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you gave your best to a certain task to then fulfil it thoroughly. I felt like this throughout the course mostly thanks to my tutor who was extremely helpful and supportive. She gave me more of a reason to do better as the modules progressed. I can’t believe I actually finished the course in 8 months!

I was obsessed with it and I would do it all over again. I am absolutely confident in the resources and knowledge I have gained and I know that if I do decide to start my own business and/or apply to a firm one day, I can do so with my head held high. After the course I was hired to redecorate an entire beach apartment that belongs to a colleague from work. I'm sure this is only the beginning.

Thank you The Interior Design Institute for allowing my imagination to roam free and for letting me express myself in an area where I know that even though I lacked several skills at first, I knew I was bound to improve given your expertise and trustworthy advice. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in this area of Design.

Carsey Koch


This course was everything I sought and more! I’ve never been more excited to learn about a subject.

As a work-from-home mom, I needed a reputable program with online capabilities and The Interior Design Institute checked all of the boxes!

Also, the community via their Facebook page is amazing and supportive - I’ve made many friends there.

I highly recommend this course!

Shauna Wallace


I have worked in the custom home business with my husband for the last six years, helping customers make all of their selections for the interior and exterior of their homes. So many of them were so nervous about building a new home because they were afraid they would make a fatal error in a major selection.

As I have worked with them, I have found there were times when I wished I could explain in technical terms why I was recommending a certain material or color or why a certain combination would work together while another wouldn't.

I have four children, run the custom home business with my husband, homeschool my children and in general have a lot going on, so there was no way I could consider a second degree in interior design, but I desperately wanted some training. I knew an online course would be perfect, as it would allow me to work at my own pace and work during the hours I had available.

I really enjoyed reading the materials and completing the assignments as I had time, and I now have a new level of confidence in my existing work.

I have also started a new business to help these same customers and others with decorating the insides of their homes once they move in. I have also ventured into remodeling, securing my first kitchen remodel while completing this course.

The reference library I now have of the twelve modules also provides me with a quick way to refresh my memory on specific topics as needed down the line. I plan on referring back to the material in the future and using it to increase the value I can offer to others.

Karina Desin


I absolutely loved this course. It turned out to be much more challenging and informative than I anticipated. It showed me aspects of Interior Design that I didn't consider before and I loved the fact that it covers history as well as architecture in the first few assignments, helping me develop my eye for various styles and their decor as they relate to specific eras. It is a great way to start analyzing and criticizing the interior as well as exterior treatments of various buildings, while getting more comfortable with the historic roots of current stylistic elements, while developing your own style.

This being an online course, one might think it would be insufficient in its coverage of the world of Interior Design from theoretical concepts to the practical, real world aspects, yet the whole course curriculum is logical, informative and provides great insights into the many aspects of interior design. Also, doing it at my own pace, made it stress free and it allowed me to throughly and extensively learn the modules and do my assignments. I do have a very busy schedule and wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise.

In every single feedback I got from my tutor I learned something new, received encouragement to explore my creativity and style as well as improve and obtain more skill in the areas that were my weaker points. I feel like I know so much more about Interior Design as a whole and its vast concepts.

This course was definitely worth taking. Interior design is a great passion of mine - regardless if it's done modestly or lavishly - and this course helped me see that beauty can be found and created everywhere, from the largest concepts to the smallest details.

I plan to explore and expand my creativity using the knowledge and skill acquired from the course in my future career as an Interior Designer.

Ramswaroop Thakur


Unbelievable & Amazing!

I really liked and loved it! It was my 20 years old dream to do the interior design course and it comes true & through IDI.

This course is a stepping stone in my way of career-changing in this tough time where I was struggling to get a new job after my employer issued me Relieving Order. This course has many options and offers the opportunity to get a new career or starting own businesses. It gives to me a new life and I will continue all of the advanced courses to enhance my knowledge for further studies. Never stop learning. Knowledge never bites. Always be a student.

Napapat Raksantiphab


Signing up for the Interior Design Institute is, by far something incredibly important to me. I have been struggling with mental health issues that stop me from doing things I love and are passionate about, and going to college was one of them. So an online course became a path that I was interested in, and I stumbled upon this course and couldn't be happier!

After months of researching and hesitation, I decided to enroll last March. The course consisted of 12 modules, starting from the basics to the advanced information that wrapped up all the important information that you would usually learn in a 3-4 year design course, into a well-thought-out, detailed, and self-paced program. There are no deadlines or time limit, making it very convenient and helpful to anyone who has busy schedules.

I would like to thank my tutor especially, Wendi Snyder, always providing constructive criticism, and helpful advice, to help me improve, as well as useful books that were beneficial and she also shared valuable lessons through her own experiences.

Six months later, I graduated! I did something that I thought I would never be able to do! It helps me gain the confidence that I needed to be finally able to do something I'm passionate and interested in, but it's also a huge first step into changing myself, making my own path in life and be stronger than what my mental illness has labeled me as. Thank you Interior Design Institute for helping me create this amazing journey. Here's to more to come!

Maharoo Khalid


Studying with IDI has been a phenomenal and informative experience for me, it gave me the platform to turn my passion into something that I love and enjoy doing so much, into a career.

The Interior Design Institute provides a comprehensive interior design course. This course consists of 12 modules with an assignment at the end of each module, these modules are very well written and cover all the details and information you need to complete your assignment. This makes studying online so much easier and interesting.

I am so grateful to my tutor, Wendi Snyder for her constant support, honest remarks and very descriptive yet informative advice that has helped me immensely throughout this course.

What I really loved, was that I was able to interact with other amazing students via The Interior Design Institute Facebook group which gave me a lot of inspiration and motivated me to work hard.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in interior design, the knowledge you gain through this course is worth every cent you pay. I’m looking forward to using the skills and knowledge I have gained from this course into practical life.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 854 reviews.

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  • Dec 1, 2021

Very satisfied with the content

I have found so far that the modules are clear and concise, and the instructions are also clear. I liked...

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  • Nov 12, 2021


The presentation of the Modules on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 10. The information is presented in...

  • Airaka Houser

  • Nov 4, 2021

Great in depth program

Great in depth program. I feel equipped to enter the design world with knowledge of how to creat beautiful spaces!

  • Erika Copeland

  • Nov 3, 2021

Overly Satisfied!

I'm happy I chose this comprehensive course to dive deeper into the world of design.

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Excellent Customer Service

My experience so far with the interior design institute has been awesome. The tutor and support team deliver great customer...

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Thorough and Rigorous -- and Inspiring!

I have found the Interior Design Institute course to be through and rigorous -- and also inspiring! The material covered...

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  • Oct 18, 2021

This is by far the best Interior Design…

This is by far the best Interior Design institute ever!!! I love it! There's so much material we cover and...

  • Maria

  • Oct 16, 2021

Loving it!!!!

Loving it!!!!

  • CBA

  • Oct 14, 2021


Great school for interior design, learning so much and I am very happy with my tutor and support.

  • Tia Long

  • Oct 6, 2021

Insightful and informative

I have found this program to be very insightful and informative. The tutors are always very encouraging and helpful. The...

  • Lea Pernet

  • Oct 5, 2021

Very comprehensive

Very comprehensive and professionalizing. I love getting direct feedback from my tutor and being able to chat with a pro.

  • Nancy D

  • Oct 3, 2021

Great program for interior designers

Interior Design Institute (IDI) encourages open dialogue and feedback and willing to make enhancements when possible. A well-rounded program that...

  • Joyce Chou

  • Sep 26, 2021

I think I’ve found my new passion :)

Because of the corona pandemic, I find the idea of studying at your own pace online very useful and convenient....

  • Jenny

  • Sep 21, 2021

The course is very interesting

The course is very interesting. My instructor is wonderful and helpful. I recommend this course to everyone interested in the field...

  • Scott

  • Sep 19, 2021

Very in depth assignments and my tutor…

Very in depth assignments and my tutor has been incredibly helpful and responsive!