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At the Interior Design Institute we don't just teach Interior Design, we encourage each and every student to access and nurture their own natural sense of flair and creativity. We also teach the technical and practical skills necessary to translate those design ideas into reality.

The Institute offers you a complete online solution to learning.

Online education is quickly becoming a preferred method of study for people all around the world who are looking for additional skills to help them make more money, start successful careers, turn a favourite interest into something more or accomplish a personal quest for self-improvement.

Whilst distance-learning programs have been available from a variety of providers for some time, it is the interaction of the web, which has revolutionised the opportunities available to students wishing to study in this way. Our commitment to providing a quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems that produce unparalleled results.

Our Interior Design Course brings you everything you need to achieve the success you want.

Although some full-time schools run Interior Design correspondence courses as a side-line, we have specialized in teaching Interior Design solely online, and our course is specifically tailored to suit busy individuals who cannot give up work and domestic commitments to attend full time courses and lectures.

Discover your true potential now by taking the next step - enroll today and take your interior design skills to another level.

The Interior Design Institute, your partner to a better and brighter future.

I truly loved every minute of this course. I thought the material was very well put together and covered nearly every element of design one might need to know before striking out on their own. I felt the modules were challenging yet easy for the novice to work through.

Charlene Schuster-Knox


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Rated 4.6 out of 10 based on 494 reviews.

  • Autumn

  • 22 hours ago

Most amazing course and institute for…

Most amazing course and institute for busy workers on top of life happening and tutors are amazing and always helping...

  • Laura Kopanska

  • 1 day ago

Excellent course and very good…

Excellent course and very good technical support.

  • Tatiana Flores-Quintero

  • 2 days ago

The best decision i made was to start…

The best decision i made was to start this journey with you guys ! Not always is easy but the...

  • Amber

  • 3 days ago

Great Experience

My Tutor has given me the best advice and is always there to answer any questions that I have.

  • Tatiana Glotova

  • 4 days ago

Great course!

Very interesting and well structured course! Highly recommended.

  • Melanie Wright

  • 8 days ago

Great information in this course for…

Great information in this course for preparing you for a career in design! Great feedback provided from the instructor that...

  • Albert Amissah-Arthur

  • 11 days ago

It’s a good online school where you…

It’s a good online school where you yourself educated.

  • Maria Carolina Amaya

  • 11 days ago

I have enjoyed the course very much and…

I have enjoyed the course very much and I am very appreciative of everything I’ve learned. It has been challenging...

  • Jessica Gordon

  • 12 days ago

I am loving the institute of interior…

I am loving the institute of interior design. My mentor is awesome and explains things so well. I can’t wait...

  • Kim

  • 14 days ago

Challenging and rewarding

I have been impressed with the course material provided by the Interior Design Institute. It has been both challenging and...

  • Millison Lee

  • 16 days ago

Thankful for IDI

I enrolled at the Interior Design Institute to further my interest and knowledge of interior design. After researching different programs,...

  • Caroline Shaw

  • 21 days ago

Great learning tool to help step into…

Great learning tool to help step into interior decor. I am basing this review half way into it. For the cost...

  • Allyson G

  • 22 days ago

Love interior design institute

Amazing course and mentor!

  • Farah Aslanova

  • 28 days ago

I enjoying this course.

I started this course in May 2019. Despite the fact that my first education was not related to design, I...

  • Grethe Knapstad

  • 29 days ago

I highly recommend the Interior Design…

I highly recommend the Interior Design Institute. The material is comprehensive and the assignments challenging. I also appreciate the quick...