About the Institute

At the Interior Design Institute we don't just teach Interior Design, we encourage each and every student to access and nurture their own natural sense of flair and creativity. We also teach the technical and practical skills necessary to translate those design ideas into reality.

The Institute offers you a complete online solution to learning.

Online education is quickly becoming a preferred method of study for people all around the world who are looking for additional skills to help them make more money, start successful careers, turn a favourite interest into something more or accomplish a personal quest for self-improvement.

Whilst distance-learning programs have been available from a variety of providers for some time, it is the interaction of the web, which has revolutionised the opportunities available to students wishing to study in this way. Our commitment to providing a quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems that produce unparalleled results.

Our Interior Design Course brings you everything you need to achieve the success you want.

Although some full-time schools run Interior Design correspondence courses as a side-line, we have specialized in teaching Interior Design solely online, and our course is specifically tailored to suit busy individuals who cannot give up work and domestic commitments to attend full time courses and lectures.

Discover your true potential now by taking the next step - enroll today and take your interior design skills to another level.

The Interior Design Institute, your partner to a better and brighter future.

This course brings enough knowledge to those people who just want to be creative when re-designing their personal or friend’s residential space and it forms the foundation for people who want to continue the study to become a professional Interior Designer.

Andrew Scherr

New Jersey

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Rated 9.4 out of 10 based on 404 reviews.

  • Miranda

  • 2 days ago

I was skeptical about an online course…

I was skeptical about an online course for Interior Design but i am very impressed with how challenging it is!...

  • Marrisha McFoulon

  • 6 days ago

Impressed Newbie!!

The program offers amazing detailed information. It has been challenging and I have learned so much!!

  • Mona Hegazy

  • 8 days ago

Recommended course

The interior design course is informative, resourceful , interesting and using up to date trends and techniques.I am glad I...

  • Carlaliz Vazquez

  • 11 days ago

I'm glad I took the chance to start…

I'm glad I took the chance to start this course and to be as far as I am now. I...

  • Y. Lopez

  • 17 days ago

An amazing learning experience!

An amazing learning experience! The course is very thorough and tutors are very supportive. The material presented is very interesting...

  • Sophie Hendry

  • 18 days ago

This has been a fantastic and enjoyable…

This has been a fantastic and enjoyable course. The communication has been strong and the online community has been friendly...

  • Marlene treto

  • 19 days ago

Great program easy to understand yet…

Great program easy to understand yet challenging and informative. Looking forward to my career in interior design.

  • Virginia Cabo

  • 20 days ago


Is an excellent course and gives a good foundation as a beginner an interior designer.

  • Cherelle Armistead

  • 21 days ago

I give this course 5 stars

I give this course 5 stars. It starts you off with the history of interior design and each course gets...

  • Eddilyn Bartumeu

  • 23 days ago

I love this course,,,It really changes…

I love this course,,,It really changes my life

  • Staci Pearlstein

  • 23 days ago

Informative & Inspirational

I absolutely loved taking this course and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to pursue a career in interior...

  • Mary Kay Pendergraph

  • 23 days ago

Very challenging and comprehensive course!

I highly recommend The Interior Design Institute! The material is very comprehensive and I am learning so much! It is...

  • Guðrún Ýr Bjarnadóttir

  • 24 days ago

I loved this course so much!

I loved this course. This gave me an opportunity to work as interior designer and i´m definitely going to try...

  • Renae

  • 25 days ago

This is a great course for anyone…

This is a great course for anyone interested in interior design. The materials are clear and the projects are the...

  • Nemeth Judit

  • 26 days ago

A very good introductory course

A very good introductory course to interior design, would recommend to anyone interested in this area.